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Mission Statement

Alaina Wis (she/her) is a bright and versatile singing actor and multi-award-nominated voiceover artist. With vitality and warmth, she is committed to bringing thoughtfulness and new life to every role. She is an instinctive musician who tackles music with precision and possibility. Alaina approaches her work with great specificity and is committed to a strong work ethic. She is a thorough and gentle collaborator who listens deeply and inspires trust and connection. Alaina loves taking an audience by surprise, because she knows that means that they are right there with her. She thrives in a “yes, and” environment and values respect, investment, and openness in her collaborators. Alaina is committed to using her voice to create more equitable spaces for marginalized communities – in the rehearsal room, behind the mic, and in daily life.


From suburban Illinois to Philadelphia to Hong Kong, Alaina's love for performing has taken her around the world and back. Not long after graduating from The University of the Arts, she relocated to Asia for two years to fulfill her dream of working for The Walt Disney Company. At Hong Kong Disneyland, she headlined in three distinct roles in the Broadway-style musical, Mickey and the Wondrous Book. (But most importantly, she got to go on Space Mountain during her standby time.)

After moving back to the States and recovering from reverse culture shock, Alaina continued her work as a full-time actor, performing voiceover by day and theatre by night. She has voiced over 1,000 projects for a myriad of brands, including Google (for which she was award-nominated), Amazon, Netflix, & Nature Valley, and has also lent her voice to feature films and video games (check it out). She most recently headlined as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, the perfect show to come back to after 18 months spent bouncing off the walls of her sound booth! She now mixes up the day-to-day of VO work by also working as a screen actor.

Alaina is an Equity Membership Candidate based in Chicago, and is proudly represented by Dean Panaro Talent (LA) and DDO Artists Agency (Midwest). She can usually be found having analytical discussions about Marvel and The Bachelor, or asking to pet your dog.

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