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Recent clients include Google (Voice Arts® Award Nomination), Microsoft, GE, Subway, Deloitte, Prudential, Nasdaq, and Johnson & Johnson, to name a few!

agency representation

DDO Artists Agency (Chicago)

agent: Bailey Hayman,

phone: +1 312-319-2888

finding the story in marketing

Alaina Wis is a seasoned, professional voice actor with a down-to-earth, trustworthy voice and a knack for keeping technical and corporate information interesting! Whether it's for an internal sales meeting, a B2B video, or eLearning, Alaina takes a "no-BS", matter-of-fact approach to corporate voice over. Alaina has trained with some of the most highly esteemed coaches and casting directors in the industry, and she brings a nuanced, authentic, real person delivery to her reads. Based in Chicago, she has conducted successful remote sessions for studios all over the world. She is easy to direct and deeply thoughtful in her approach.

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"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Alaina. She is excellent at her craft, but also has an entirely smooth operation with the administrative/scheduling and file-preparation side of the work as well. Our team is always delighted to be able to work with Alaina."


 Mixable, Llc


ALAINA in action

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