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Alaina's narration for the gameplay trailer of Century: Age of Ashes garnered a OneVoice Award Nomination for Movie or Game Trailer - Best Overall Performance.

Accents and dialects available for game trailers:

  • General American

  • British English/RP

  • French-accented Global European

  • Australian

story-driven, captivating, enticing

Alaina Wis is an award-nominated narrator for gameplay trailers, movie trailers, and promo. She knows when to take the reins (like in a joyful, exciting launch trailer) and when to let the work speak for itself and be a dutiful messenger (i.e. in a cinematic promo for film or gaming). Alaina's voice has been described as warm, experienced, and trustworthy, or playful with a wink, depending on what the piece calls for. She has trained with some of the industry's best and most qualified promo coaches, and is represented by Dean Panaro Talent in LA. From her state-of-the-art home studio in Chicago, she has conducted successful remote sessions with top clients across the globe.

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agency representation

Dean Panaro Talent

agent: Dean Panaro,

phone: +1 818-660-0633

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