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" was an absolute pleasure working with [Alaina]...having someone as talented and easy going as [her] really made the whole thing work. [Alaina's] performance raised the quality of the title in ways none of us expected, so again, my deepest thanks."


Jason Spencer, Producer of RESIST

a lifelong gamer and performer

Alaina Wis brings a lifetime of lovingly playing video games into every session. As a trained professional actor and voiceover artist, her unique process of "storytelling through immersion" brings your narrative to life in a way that is grounded, realistic, and honest. Alaina has studied with the best and brightest instructors in the industry, and is represented by Dean Panaro Talent in Los Angeles for video gaming. Based in Chicago, she has conducted successful remote sessions for studios all over the world. Request an audition today to kickstart the process.

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4x NPCs in project regolith

ALAINA in action

Oxenfree II – Evelyn
PAYDAY 2 - Traci
RESIST Compilation - Language Warning
Project Regolith NPCs x4
Lempo (Indie Horror)
Farlight84 - Syfer
Syndicate of Souls - Dandra Voice

a key part of immersion

an award-nominated storyteller

Any gamer will tell you that the voice acting element makes or breaks the storytelling in any game – whether indie, AAA, or somewhere in between. A female video game voice over talent like Alaina Wis can take your story arc to the next level. As a trained actor above all else, Alaina has helped to elevate numerous titles with her dropped-in, genuine acting for video games. She keeps gamers immersed by helping them empathize with the character through her believable delivery. 

As female characters become more and more popular in gaming today, Alaina rises to the occasion, bringing with her 20+ years of gaming experience. Part of the 48% of gamers who are female, Alaina understands every element – from barks, efforts, and intimate conversations to the wide array of styles that abound in indie games, mobile gaming, and AAA titles. 

Alaina's work as the player character in RESIST for Oculus Quest garnered her a OneVoice Award nomination for Best Performance in Gaming - Female. As a creative herself, Alaina is attentive to direction and feedback, and always ready to collaborate with game developers, writers, audio leads, and narrative designers. She is capable of voicing any type of character role, from playable character (as in Mobile Legends) to NPC (as in Modern Ops and Payday 2) to quest giver or mission giver (as in Choo-Choo Charles). Alaina trains regularly with industry experts on vocal combat, video game voice acting, and genre-specific styles of gaming, to ensure that no matter the task, she's up to the challenge. 

The bottom line: Alaina Wis is your versatile video game actor.

the power of a remote talent

agency representation

Remote voice actor Alaina Wis is comfortable and confident working on live sessions with studios all over the world. Because she doesn't have to combat LA traffic, she can hop on a call anytime from her fully-equipped broadcast-quality home studio. Quick turnaround projects need not be left to LA locals – let Alaina prove to you why casting remote talent opens up all kinds of doors. In a session with Alaina, you will walk away with pristine audio quality, a variety of character accent options (including her native Midwest/Chicago, expert-level Australian, British, Russian, Scottish, New York, and French/Global European), and most importantly, a performance rooted in truth and vulnerability.

Dean Panaro Talent

agent: Matt Weiss,

phone: +1 818-660-0633

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