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video game voiceover


agency representation

DDO Artists Agency (Los Angeles)

agents: Cassie Gelfand,

Julie Gudz,

phone: +1 323-487-7735

a lifelong gamer and performer

Alaina Wis brings a lifetime of lovingly playing video games into every session. As a trained professional actor and voiceover artist, her unique process of "storytelling through immersion" brings your narrative to life in a way that is grounded, realistic, and honest. Alaina has studied with the best and brightest instructors in the industry, and is represented by DDO Artists Agency in Los Angeles for video gaming. Based in Chicago, she has conducted successful remote sessions for studios all over the world. Request an audition today to kickstart the process.

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" was an absolute pleasure working with [Alaina]...having someone as talented and easy going as [her] really made the whole thing work. [Alaina's] performance raised the quality of the title in ways none of us expected, so again, my deepest thanks."


Jason Spencer, Producer of RESIST

ALAINA in action

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