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Recent clients include Google, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Chuck E. Cheese, The Ordinary, Instacart, Xbox, TiVo, JibJab, Walmart, Sony, and Shopify, to name a few!

agency representation

Dean Panaro Talent

agent: Dean Panaro,

phone: +1 818-660-0633

finding the story in marketing

Alaina Wis is a seasoned, professional voice actor with extensive experience with high-end commercial clients. Her goal is for the listener never to feel like they're being sold to, but rather that they are immersed in the story of your copy. Alaina has trained with some of the most highly esteemed coaches and casting directors in the industry, and she brings a nuanced, authentic, real person delivery to her reads. Based in Chicago, she has conducted successful remote sessions for studios all over the world. She is easy to direct and deeply thoughtful in her approach.

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“Alaina is easy to work with, delivers quickly, and gives incredible performances. My clients at Amazon adored her voice and we hope to work with her again in the future.”



ALAINA in action

Victoria's Secret Bare Fragrance
OLLY Women's Vitamins
Barbie: You Can Be Anything Exhibit
Solo Stove Bonfire
Google - Home & Away Routines

conversational & believable

Alaina Wis brings nearly a decade of experience to commercial work as a female millennial voice over talent. She is able to tap in to the warm, relatable, real person sound that is in demand today. Whether it's sprinkling in a little vocal fry or maybe even some light sarcastic humor, Alaina's delivery is unmatched, and her subtleties are expert-level. Alaina prioritizes the acting in voice acting – she is a trained actor first, voice over artist second. She brings an awareness of the story to every commercial read, elevating your messaging to be sophisticated, current, and confident. Whether your audience is on the younger side and needs a Gen Z peer to communicate with them; or on the more mature side, identifying with a more grounded sound – Alaina has you covered. As a millennial herself, her BS detector is VERY sensitive – Alaina Wis always puts genuineness above all.

attentive to your needs

Alaina's reputation precedes her, as the trusted voice of projects for many leading brands. She is a full-service talent who provides live directed sessions to clients anywhere in the world who would like to give real-time direction over Source Connect Standard, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. Sessions can be scheduled on-demand, with availability throughout the week. She can also work offline, matching your chosen reference files or favorite demo clips of hers. Alaina Wis provides fast file delivery, and can either deliver immediate session files if working online, or cleanly edited audio when working independently. She can also sync her audio to your WIP video when working offline, to ensure timing is precise and cohesive with the visual. She is able to quickly translate your feedback into actionable direction, ensuring that your commercial is in line with your unique branding.

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