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Alaina's voice helped AstraZeneca and Amgen secure a Silver Telly Award for their virtual escape room, where she gave life to the criminal character, B Cell. She is also the voice of Novaria's Mother and Mila in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang cinematic series, and is featured in the pilot of the web series, The Sensational Cat-Man. 

agency representation

Dean Panaro Talent

agent: Dean Panaro,

phone: +1 818-660-0633

playful, precise, perceptive

Alaina Wis was that kid in the movie theatre who would memorize the entire film after one viewing, and immediately start imitating the characters on the car ride home. She brings a truthfulness to animation that elevates her affinity for character voices, accents, dialects, and personality. Alaina's characters are rooted in real people with real desires and real fears. She has trained with Paul Liberti, one of the industry's best and most qualified animation coaches, and is represented by Dean Panaro Talent in LA. Based in Chicago, she has conducted successful remote sessions for studios all over the world.

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" was an absolute pleasure working with [Alaina]...having someone as talented and easy going as [her] really made the whole thing work. [Alaina's] performance raised the quality of the title in ways none of us expected, so again, my deepest thanks."


Jason Spencer, Producer of RESIST

ALAINA in motion

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