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using her voice for good

Alaina Wis is a trustworthy, salt-of-the-earth spokesperson for your next political campaign. Having voiced 13 spots in the last election season, Alaina runs the gamut from authoritative to millennial to blue-collar, depending on the candidate's need. A Midwest local from Naperville, Illinois, Alaina is passionate about using her voice to further causes she personally believes in. Alaina also works in nonpartisan efforts to engage the public in their civic duty, encouraging folks to get out and Walk the Vote and informing voters on the benefits of ranked choice voting. She understands the lightning-fast pace of the election cycle, and is able to turn around precisely-timed ads quickly, with a variety of tonal options. Choose Alaina as the reliable, real person to voice your point-of-view, testimonial ad; the voice of reason to persuade swing voters; or the uplifting, positive community member to highlight your candidate's accomplishments.

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alaina as an activist

the right candidate

Alaina Wis brings nearly a decade of experience to your high-stakes political ad campaigns. She has spent years learning to use her voice in a variety of ways for every political scenario. Whether you need an endorsement for your candidate from the point of view of a blue collar, girl-next-door or soccer mom; a negative attack ad spoken with authority and gravitas; a choice comparative highlighting your Democrat for office and attacking the opponent; or an educational read to reach a broader, nonpartisan audience, Alaina fits the bill. She also brings passion to your nonprofit social media posts.

giving voice to issues that matter

Politics in the United States have never been more divisive. The opposition is relentless in their messaging, and we must be too. Adding voice over to your political ads is one way to give relatable, believable, credible messaging to your campaign.

As a Midwestern woman, born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Alaina loves her home state of Illinois and is passionate about protecting the human rights that are afforded there. There are few projects she enjoys more than the ones that align with her personal values, and as such, she is able to connect deeply with the script to bring you a voice over from the heart.

But political work isn't only limited to hot-button issues; Alaina can also provide narration for PSAs and nonprofit work. From inspiring communities to drive more safely to teaching folks how to recycle correctly, Alaina's voice can fit the mold of your community initiative. 

the cycle never stops

As a professional voice actor since 2015, Alaina has become known for her signature, lightning-fast turnaround time. She understands the reality – that her audition for your Democratic political ad may very well become the final product. That's why she gets it right the first time: down to the perfect timing, delivery, pronunciations, and vocal inflections. Alaina Wis works quickly to get your files back to you, so that you can spread your message urgently and effectively. You can rest assured that you're in good hands with Alaina's reliable, earnest, real person delivery to reflect your candidate in the best possible light.

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