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a warm, grounding presence

From the time she was a little girl on vacation at Disney World, Alaina Wis has understood the magic and excitement of hearing, "Ladies and gentlemen, in just fifteen minutes, our nighttime spectacular will begin!" Now, as a celebrated voice over artist, Alaina has had the distinction of welcoming many an audience, introducing esteemed guests, and awarding nominees with well-deserved honors. Whether you are producing a virtual summit for your company and needing to keep an audience engaged for hours on Zoom; or welcoming guests back to in-person conferences and events and desiring a cohesive voice to tie the presentation together, Alaina Wis provides the gravitas, warmth, and energy to lead your event with style and grace.

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alaina the announcer


she does it all

As a highly experienced voice actor with a background in theatre, Alaina can roll with the punches when narrating an event live; she is no stranger to cold reading, last-minute changes, or getting it right in one take. During her tenure as a full-time performer for Disney, Alaina hosted live events as both a vocalist and an emcee.


Alternatively, she is able to prepare cleanly edited, prerecorded audio from her broadcast-quality home studio.

New Year's Eve Countdown Party 2018, Hong Kong Disneyland

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