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from my clients

Many of my clients had yet to book work before we started mentoring. Now, they're all either working freelance VO artists or partnered with agencies!

“Alaina was able to give me practical, insightful advice that I could immediately implement in my pursuit of voiceover — including tips on slating, cold reading techniques, where to find auditions, and so much more. It wasn’t long after my first consultation with her that I booked my very first VO gig. Great for beginners looking to get into the business or experienced talent looking for a refresh.”

– Zach, Los Angeles

"When I decided to start exploring the world of voiceover, [Alaina] was immediately offering tips and tricks. She’s voiced her opinions truthfully, while also sharing personal insight. Her advice has truly been invaluable. She’s allowed me to pick her brain with my own questions, as well as provide her own feedback, as I’ve journeyed through getting a professional demo, to choosing a mic, to picking software, to rates and marketing. She’s knowledgeable on all fronts, very clear, kind, and supportive. You couldn’t ask for a better mentor!”


– Caitlyn, Nashville


business advice | mentoring | audition feedback

Have you just bought a mic, downloaded Logic, hung some sound panels and are asking yourself, "Now what?" Did a coach or mentor give you some advice that left you scratching your head? Or maybe you've been in the VO game for a few years and feel like your career is plateauing? If any of the above resonates, read on!


If you’re interested in a one-off, one-hour consultation on VO career advice, OR periodic check-ins for accountability (mentoring), fill out this form.


In our Zoom sessions, I’ll meet you where you’re at in this journey, bust any myths you’ve heard, and give you practical, personalized strategies based on my own experience to help you succeed in this field. This is not a prescriptive, 8-step coaching program; it is valuable one-on-one time with a full-time voice actor who works daily with brands such as Amazon, Google, TiVo, Microsoft, and more! Think of it as an “ask me anything” for your voiceover career.

I also offer audition feedback for $10 per :60 or less file! Send me your recent work and I'll send back specific written feedback on what I'm hearing technically and from the performance side. Please include the full script(s), audition specs, and deadline in your email. (The more notice, the better chance I'll be able to get back to you in time for your deadline!) Email me here. Venmo me here.

“When I first started in VO, I had a couple mentors I talked to who pointed me in the wrong direction, giving me advice that turned out to be either incomplete or outdated. Alaina is in the current world of VO and has helped me so much with navigating P2P websites, teaching me to make the algorithms work in my favor, using proper software and hardware, giving feedback on recordings, and even helping me to find a producer for my reel who isn’t just telling me what I want to hear. Having her on my team has helped my confidence and determination exponentially, and I can’t recommend her enough.“

– Ben, New York City